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Henriette Busch


Ss Alban & Stephen Infants

Tanners Wood School

'With little experience of web design, Debbie guided me expertly through the process from presenting initial proposals to sample page designs for style. Debbie communicated quickly and efficiently to ensure I was happy with each stage and within a very short period my website went from idea to a fully functioning site. After organising all the hosting requirements, Debbie now continues to maintain and update my site which provides both information to prospective clients and new business leads.' Louise Bowden (Dreamweaver)


'Debbie is great to work with. I knew what I wanted for our website, because my experience is in marketing and communications, but I didn't have the technical savvy to realise this for my internet site. Debbie interpreted my concepts and design ideas perfectly, helping with ideas when needed, and was always professional and flexible in her approach. Since the relaunch of our website, our business has grown significantly, and I will continue to work with Debbie on the website as it evolves into the future. I thoroughly recommend InTouch WebDesign for all your website work.'  Pippa Curtis (Dreamweaver)


'I had needed a website for a while for my fledgling business, not to sell from, but to give me some credibility in the market, and act as a shop window. Whilst I knew people who designed and set up their own, as an over 50 with a technophobe nature, the idea was terrifying. Debbie never made me feel stupid for not knowing how things worked, was incredibly open to the idea of changing from her usual platforms to one which I felt I would be able to maintain myself, and her input into the design was invaluable. Could I have done it on my own? Possibly. Would I have done it on my own? No. Would it have looked as good without her input? Not a chance. It was worth every penny, and a pleasure to boot!' Penny Cooper, (built with Weebly)


'It was Debbie who approached me with the idea of developing a website for my business. Her expertise in this area made the process very easy.  Following an initial meeting where Debbie gathered information about Little Cookies, she quickly came back with a template design.  A few tweaks and the website was born!  Now that Debbie has set the website up I am able to maintain it myself, but for any major changes I will always seek Debbie’s advice and skills as I hold her opinion in high regard.  Thank you Debbie!' Francesca Barbour (Dreamweaver)